The International Computer Games Association (ICGA) has disqualified and banned Rybka and its programmer Vasik Rajlich from previous and future World Computer Chess Championships. The ICGA accuses Rajlich of plagiarizing two other programs, Crafty and Fruit, and demands that he returns the trophies and prize money of the World Computer… Continue reading


ATARI Wei qi, the game of “surrounding,” has long been popular in the East — known as Go in Japan and Baduk in Korea. Now, U.S. military officials are looking at the game in an attempt to understand how the Chinese really think. Continue reading

Arkadiy “Kamsky” Tsinis

Tsinis: Blanovsky: From the button  Tsinis moved all in and Michael Blanovsky quickly made the call for just shy of 2,000,000 With Blanovsky in the lead , he would catch a pair on the flop as the dealer spread the .   This flop gave  Tsinis the maximum outs (excluding four-card… Continue reading

Rd 2 Young, Gregory(2327) vs Bryant, John(2413) { U.S. Junior Closed Championship}

Players under the age of 21 will compete at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis June 16-26 for the title of U.S. Junior Champion and an automatic bid to both the World Junior Championship and the 2012 U.S. Championship. The 2011 U.S. Junior Championship will feature a… Continue reading