Groningen Seaports Masters 2012

    GMI Alexander Georgiev,winner of Groningen Seaports Masters 2012. Wei Zhou[2123] – Alexander Georgiev[2447]  white to move on 42.43-38..  Zhou sets himself up to  sacrifice most of his army only to find himself one short..Georgiev  wins (0-1) to go thru rest of the game you can go ..    … Continue reading

Bronze Medalist Jia Dan (SWMG Xiangqi)

Bronze Medalist Jia Dan {USA} In 2011,  Jia, representing the  U.S. East  won Bronze Medal of World Xiangqi Championship held in Indonesia.   She now collects her second medal [Bronze] in Bejing  and also the only representative for the U.S. to play Xiangqi . Congrats  to Ms Dan, Go U.S.A !! .… Continue reading