Unive Hoogeveen / Rnd 6 / Final

  Hikaru Nakamura   Nakamura scored a convincing win against Tiviakov in the sixth round of Unive Hoogeveen and wins the entire tournament.  Black was outplayed in the opening and Hikaru mounted serious/devastating pressure until Sergei crumpled.  Humorous is that White appeared to angle towards a King’s Indian Attack, but switched… Continue reading

Mr.Blackburne’s Games at Chess

Mr.Blackburne’s Games at Chess-  Blackburne’s international tournament career lasted  fifty-two years.  London 1862 to St Petersburg 1914, a total of 53 events in which he played 814 games scoring over 62%. The legendary whiskey-drinking, Englishman known as “Black Death”  once made a strong move and then drained his  opponent’s whiskey glass.  His opponent resigned. … Continue reading