Michael Phelps (W.S.O.P)

Cardplayer.com Michael Phelps (W.S.O.P) Since Phelps’ retirement he has been seen playing cards in London and Las Vegas, where  it was reported that he earned $100,000 in a high-stakes cash game. He later denied the report. Phelps has had some cashes on the tournament circuit, however, making a final table… Continue reading

Thessaloniki FIDE Grand Prix /Round 7

Gata Kamsky,Fabiano Caruana and  Hikaru Nakamura won their  games in round 7 of the Thessaloniki  Grand Prix .  Vassily Ivanchuk  draws with Alexander Grischuk in a Symmetrical English both players started repeating moves as early as move 10. Game ended  in less than an hour. Rd7 GM Kasimdzhanov(2699)- GM Kamsky  (2741) 0-1                        [Leningrad Dutch] Rd7 … Continue reading