Elwell on Bridge

    Elwell on Bridge ……..[copyright 1902.1905]   Joseph Bowne Elwell (1876 – 1920), One of  the great  bridge players ,  “Wizard of Whist”, and tutor of the game to the King of England and the millionaire Vanderbilts.  Author of best-selling bridge textbooks, an unofficial “spycatcher” and intelligence agent, a… Continue reading

Geneva Chess Masters

  The first Geneva Chess Masters will take place June 26th-30th, 2013 in the Pitoeff Theater in Geneva. The tournament is organized by the Geneva Chess Federation. The players are divided in two groups of four players.. Group A 1. Pelletier Yannick                                    2. Mamedyarov  Shakriyar 3. Kramnik Vladimir 4. Polgar… Continue reading

U.S. Junior Closed Championship 2103

  [CCSCSL] U.S. Junior Closed Championship 2103 IM  Daniel Naroditsky, Wins  U.S. JUNIOR CLOSED CHAMPIONSHIP !  FM  Luke Harmon-Vellotti  tied with Naroditsky going into last round.. presses for a win only to end the game in a draw. Daniel wins a positional battle with Black  and secures the championship.   Rd 9  Perez (2359)  – IM Naroditsky (2494) Rank Name Rating… Continue reading