Chess and Aqua Velva

Image : Charles Krauthammer A brief Clip of Bret Baier’s Interview with America’s preeminent Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Charles Krauthammer. (OCT 26 2013) On the Subject of Chess.. BB: Which lights you up more , Baseball or Chess.. when your in the game? CK: There’s no comparison its Chess. BB:… Continue reading

Nakamura vs Aronian Blitz Match – 16 Games

An exhibition match between two of the world’s top Grandmasters took place in St. Louis, November 21st through November 25th.  Hikaru Nakamura beat Levon Aronian in the Blitz portion of the event that took place on Tuesday the 25th.  There was a new chess game started every 15 minutes.  They… Continue reading

World Championship 2014 / Game 11 / FINAL

 Carlsen Wins The Game And The Match   YABB (yet another boring Berlin) was the audible groan at the beginning of Game #11, but it must be said that Anand did have his chances.  At least it was not absolutely winning for White, and double-edged enough to be worrisome for… Continue reading

World Championship 2014 / Game 10

A Fight But at this level, the game never really looked like anything but a draw.  Both players have shown that they can circumnavigate semi-sharp positions; watch the tactics and not give too much ground in the center.  They also know their endings.  They know things like an active Rook… Continue reading

World Chess Championship 2014 / Game 9

Are You Kidding Me ? ? ? If this was in Anand’s thoughts – he has himself to blame.  Not losing on the Black side of a “Berlin Wall” variation of the Spanish is not what is needed at this stage of the match.  Carlsen may have been saying the… Continue reading