Worldrecordattempt Clocksimultane Almere 2015

  Worldrecordattempt Clocksimultane Almere 2015 Alexander Georgiev goes up against 45 opponents at the Congress Center Anna park, Sas van Gent (Netherlands).. A successful record setting day with a 75.56%winning percentage [Old record 43 players  winning 70%] 45 games 26 wins 20 draws 1 loss Date: 12-30-2015  Timecontrol: 50 moves in 120… Continue reading

Bobby – The Best ?

by National Life Master Loal Davis   Robert (Bobby) Fischer   In the series of questions conducted by Social Media (referenced in the post MAGNUS,MAGNUS….MAGNUS) there was one that quickly caught my attention. Magnus Carlsen: “Probably Bobby Fischer at his best. Because the precision and energy that he played with is just… Continue reading

Checker Brick House

“Checker Brick House” is a collaboration between local Pittsburgh youth, artist Jesse Kauppila, and Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center, a new Pittsburgh non-profit.  “Checker Brick House” is an extension of Neue Kirche’s mission to enhance community interactivity in the East Deutschtown neighborhood through innovative artworks that make otherwise empty spaces, active… Continue reading

Merry Christmas

For how can I dignify my worthiness unto thee O’ Lord ? Merry Christmas and Peace to All of Good Will. Midnight, Christians, is the solemn hour,When God as man descended unto us To erase the stain of original sinAnd to end the wrath of His Father.The entire world thrills with hope… Continue reading