Norway Chess Rd4

  Norway Chess Rd4 Todays Round was played  at Utstein Kloster, Norway’s best preserved medieval monastery located on the island Mosterøy. It is rumored to be haunted…. Yasser gives us a Tour……   Veselin Topalov won his game (Queen’s Gambit Decline) against Levon Aronian and now leads after rd… Continue reading

Norway Chess 2015/Rd3

Norway Chess 2015/Rd3 Nakamura and Topalov winners of the round,Carlsen draws against Giri .Viswanathan Anand drew a Sicilian (Sveshnikov) against Alexander Grischuk ,Levon Aronian also had a draw{English Four Knights} with Jon Ludwig Hammer… [Event “Norway Chess 2015”] [Site “Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus”] [Date “2015.06.18”] [Round “3.1”] [White “Nakamura, Hikaru”] [Black “Caruana, Fabiano”]… Continue reading

Tigran Petrosian / Birthday June 17th

by National Life Master Loal Davis     Tigran Petrosian (June 17, 1929 – August 13, 1984) was a Soviet Armenian Grandmaster, and World Chess Champion from 1963 to 1969. He was nicknamed “Iron Tigran” due to his almost impenetrable playing style. Petrosian was a Candidate for the World Championship… Continue reading