U.S. Sanctions FIDE President

 U.S. Dept. of Treasury: Sanctions Networks Providing Support to the Government of Syria, Including For Facilitating Syrian Government Oil Purchases from ISIL 11/25/2015   WASHINGTON – In response to continuing violence by the Assad regime against its citizens, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) today… Continue reading

Automating Learning

Automating  Learning: Go “King of Games” closer to being Solved?    Game Player Demis Hassabis, the artificial intelligence savant behind Google DeepMind, hinted in a video interview that his secretive team has a surprise for the World of Go    ( Video Interview  here.) Since Google plopped down $400 million last… Continue reading

Worldchampionship Emmen KNDB 2015 /RD16

Worldchampionship Emmen KNDB 2015 /Rd 16  (Netherlands) Nov 8-25    Wouter Sipma (2359)  –  Raimonds Vipulis (2284)  1 – 1   Game  Jean Marc Ndjofang (2370)  –  Ainur Shaibakov (2351)  2 – 0   Game  Ron Heusdens (2334)  –  Ganjargal Ganbaatar (2265)  1 – 1   Game  Roel Boomstra (2411)  –  Ncho Joel Atse (2329)  1 – 1   Game  Jan Groenendijk (2343) … Continue reading

English chess pawned

Grandmaster crash: the inside story of how English chess pawned its future The government’s ruling that the game is not a fully fledged sport denies British chess the recognition and financial support it needs to compete with established giants such as Russia and Ukraine, and fast-rising powers such as China… Continue reading

Checker Play

Looking for more knowledge in Checker Play ? At Checkerplay.com you find a collection of backgammon positions and problems. All positions shown are with black on roll. Category : Middle Game Black to play 4-2 Looks natural to make the 22 anchor, but you should maximize contact here with the better… Continue reading