U.S. Women’s Championship 2017 / Rd 3

U.S. Women’s Championship 2017 / Rd 3 Playing Black Anna Zatonskih wins a long and tough end game  Rook + Bishop  vs. Rook  against the 2016 Champ Nazi Paikidze .. GM Irina Krush with back to back victories now leads 2.5/3 … Rd3 IM Paikidze(2369) -IM Zatonskih(2451) 0-1 1. Nf3 d5 2. g3 g6 3. Bg2 Bg7 4. d4… Continue reading

U.S. Chess Championship 2017 / Round 2

by National Life Master Loal Davis       Naroditsky vs Zherebukh Draw? / Draw? / Draw? The on-site commentators were enthusiastic in that there was a “Novelty” on move 6 by White.  Just because a move may not have been played before is NOT (personal opinion) a Novelty.  Naroditshky… Continue reading

U.S. Chess Championship 2017 / Round 1

by National Life Master Loal Davis   Wesley So    The first round of the U.S. Championship for 2017 contained two decisive games and were well played.  Wesley So had a very nice crushing game against Shabalov, but I think it would fair to state that Shabalov did it to… Continue reading


STL ARCHBISHOPS CHAMPS 2017   2017 Pro Chess League Champions Saint Louis Archbishops Saint Louis Arch Bishops defeats Norway Gnomes 9-7 in the 4th round. The team also wins $20,000 for 1st place.. Wesley So (MVP) went 3-1 his 2nd loss this season came in the last round facing World Champion Magnus… Continue reading


PROCHESS FINALS                                             vs Norway Gnomes – St Louis Arch Bishops  in the PROChess Finals..  March 26 Start time 1300 EDT 1900 CET http://www.chess.com/TV  GAMES PLAYED Earlier this Month.. [Event “PRO League KO Stage 2017”][Site “chess.com INT”][Date “2017.03.15”][Round “3”][White “Lie, Kjetil A.”][Black “Yatzenko, Anton”][Result “0-1”][WhiteTitle “GM”][WhiteElo “2537”][BlackElo “2356”][ECO “A13”][Opening “English opening”][WhiteTeam “Norway… Continue reading

2017  ABA Spring National

2017 ABA Spring National at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino  Reno , Nevada April 1-7 Schedule New Player Schedule   Declarer Play Problems – BOB’S BRIDGE CLUB                    DECLARER PLAY PROBLEM #7          ♠ T 8 3      North ♥ J T♦ A 8 3 § K Q J 9… Continue reading

World Go Championship

“World Go Championship”  March 21-23  Osaka, Japan.   Rapid development of Go AI has brought a new era to the world of Go. And the news about the matches of Go AI vs a human Go player has been reported all over the world. The news has promoted the international recognition… Continue reading