AlphaGo is retiring

AlphaGo is retiring: After winning a three-game match against Top Player  Chinese Professional Ke Jie 9P in what is revered as the world’s most demanding strategy game, Google’s gaming AI AlphaGo is retiring. AlphaGo’s victory at the summit represented “the highest possible pinnacle for AlphaGo as a competitive program.”..DeepMind co-founder and co-CEO Demis… Continue reading

Future of Go summit

Future of Go summit: Over 280 million people tuned in to watch AlphaGo play against Lee Sedol in 2016. The historic match not only marked a major milestone in the field of artificial intelligence, it also inspired a new wave of creative and innovative thinking about the game of Go.… Continue reading

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2017 / Round 5 / Final

       Nils Grandelius  Baadur Jobava    In the last round all games were drawn. Grandelius and Jobava tie for first place.   [Event “Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2017”][Site “?”][Date “2017.05.14”][Round “5”][White “Eljanov, Pavel (UKR)”][Black “Grandelius, Nils (SWE)”][Result “1/2-1/2”][PlyCount “81”][EventDate “2017.05.11”][SourceDate “2017.05.14”] 1. Nf3 d5 2. e3 Nf6… Continue reading

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2017 / Round 2

  Erik Blomqvist   Erik Blomqvist bounced back after his loss last round to win a point against Pavel Eljanov. [Event “Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2017”][Site “?”][Date “2017.05.11”][Round “2”][White “Blomqvist, Erik (SWE)”][Black “Eljanov, Pavel (UKR)”][Result “1-0”][PlyCount “91”][EventDate “2017.05.11”][SourceDate “2017.05.11”] 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 Be7 4.… Continue reading

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2017 / A “Short” Sparkler

by National Life Master Loal Davis     Malmö, Sweden10 – 14 May 2017 6 Rounds – 5 Player Round Robin Rate of play: 90 minutes in 40 moves + 50 minutes in 20 moves + 15 minutes all moves + 30 seconds for each move starting from move 1 Schedule : * CET (UTC/GMT +2)10.05 2017 – Round  01  –… Continue reading