CHESS mission

CHESS Mission: Deep in space between distant stars, space is not empty. Instead, there drifts vast clouds of neutral atoms and molecules, as well as charged plasma particles called the interstellar medium—that may, over millions of years, evolve into new stars and even planets. These floating interstellar reservoirs are the… Continue reading

37th Golden Prague

Golden Prague International Draughts Tournament 37th Golden Prague Prague, Tyrsuv dum, June 11 – 17, 2017 Vatutin Evegen winner of this year’s tournament  scoring 14/18 points and going undefeated.. Round 1 Partij  Event “Golden Prague 2017”][Site “”][White “Guerbert, Christian”][Black “Vatutin, Evgeni”][Result “0-2”][GameType “20”][Round “1”][Date “2017.06.11”][WhiteTime “”][BlackTime “”][TimeControl “4800+60”][WhiteUrl “”][BlackUrl “”][WhiteTitle “”][BlackTitle… Continue reading

GCT PARIS/Blitz Final

GCT PARIS/Blitz Final   Magnus Carlsen Wins 1st leg of Grand Chess Tour in  Paris…  World No.1 Magnus Carlsen and World No.8  Maxime Vachier-Lagrave finished the tournament with 24 points combined with Rapid and Blitz, so  hey had to play a 2 game Tie break. {2 Blitz games and one Armageddon game… Continue reading

Shogi Superstar: Sota Fujii

  Shogi Superstar: Sota Fujii   OSAKA – The nation’s youngest professional shogi player, 14-year-old , won his 28th straight match on Wednesday to equal the all-time winning streak in official matches of the traditional chess-like game. Fujii, a junior high school student who holds the rank of fourth dan,… Continue reading