Candidates Tournament 2016

  Candidates Tournament 2016 The Candidates Tournament is one of the most important and most followed tournaments in the World Chess Championship cycle.  It will determine the challenger for the 2016 World Chess Championship Match. Eight players will participate in the Candidates Tournament and the winner qualifies for the Championship… Continue reading

3rd Sinquefield Cup Line-up/Ratings & Rnd 1

by National Life Master Loal Davis These are the parings for the first round. Notice the parings versus the top 12 rated players from the current Live Ratings. The ONLY two swaps/deviations from the top 10 in the Live Ratings list (above) and the 3rd Sinquefield Cup line-up are: Ding… Continue reading

Norway Chess 2015/Rd3

Norway Chess 2015/Rd3 Nakamura and Topalov winners of the round,Carlsen draws against Giri .Viswanathan Anand drew a Sicilian (Sveshnikov) against Alexander Grischuk ,Levon Aronian also had a draw{English Four Knights} with Jon Ludwig Hammer… [Event “Norway Chess 2015”] [Site “Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus”] [Date “2015.06.18”] [Round “3.1”] [White “Nakamura, Hikaru”] [Black “Caruana, Fabiano”]… Continue reading