Chess in Tweets

Chess in Tweets What’s trending currently in the Chess World….. via @wired — Quantum Gambitz (@QuantumChess) September 10, 2020 Daily chess puzzle Krasenkow – Jansa, @SchachBL 2002 — (@Chesspuzzle_net) September 9, 2020 FIDE Candidates Tournament Resumes November 1 — Marshall Chess Club (@MarshallChessNY) September 9, 2020 Can… Continue reading

The Moscow Puzzles

The Moscow Puzzles: This marvelously diverse collection of 359 puzzles ranges from simple “catch” riddles to difficult problems but contains none that require a knowledge of advanced  mathematics. It is lavishly illustrated with clear diagrams and amusing sketches, and the puzzles are answered in the back of the book. Kordemsky… Continue reading