Chess in Tweets

Chess in Tweets What’s trending currently in the Chess World….. via @wired — Quantum Gambitz (@QuantumChess) September 10, 2020 Daily chess puzzle Krasenkow – Jansa, @SchachBL 2002 — (@Chesspuzzle_net) September 9, 2020 FIDE Candidates Tournament Resumes November 1 — Marshall Chess Club (@MarshallChessNY) September 9, 2020 Can… Continue reading

Sample Games

Bart’s Sample Games for thee ole  PGN EDITOR..   Non-Rated Blitz Games on GameKnot. I like the time control 3 mins or 5 . I also like the board/pieces compared to other sites.. (that offer Blitz Time control) I don’t care about attaining a Rating on the internet ..The only… Continue reading

Sept.1 2020

Sept.1 2020… Current Events on this Day.. Pressing the opponentfrom all sideswith no real Plan,Debt grows… in the form of stretched logistics (aka connections),loose fighting formations (shapes),insufficient resources (territories). Unless the opponent is completely flummoxed,the bill will come due. What then? — Living Go (@osmoticferenc) September 2, 2020   The… Continue reading