English chess pawned

Grandmaster crash: the inside story of how English chess pawned its future The government’s ruling that the game is not a fully fledged sport denies British chess the recognition and financial support it needs to compete with established giants such as Russia and Ukraine, and fast-rising powers such as China… Continue reading

Pushing Wood

Pushing Wood is a documentary about today’s culture of competitive chess, a culture unlike any other in sports, one that demands endless preparation, induces endless psychological stress, and pays very little.  What’s it like to try and make it as a professional chess player in the 21st century?  Why is… Continue reading

Chess and Aqua Velva

Image : Charles Krauthammer A brief Clip of Bret Baier’s Interview with America’s preeminent Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Charles Krauthammer. (OCT 26 2013) On the Subject of Chess.. BB: Which lights you up more , Baseball or Chess.. when your in the game? CK: There’s no comparison its Chess. BB:… Continue reading