Othello/Reversi/9 Break

Othello/Reversi/9 Break  Othello ..Minute to learn.. Life time to Master  じっくり考えて一発で解こう!今日の詰めオセロスマホ⇒https://t.co/kGVEVw3g5aPC⇒https://t.co/keUGsU56kw – pic.twitter.com/mCXgY9xGAW — オセロジャパン (@othellojapan) September 4, 2020 Week-end puzzle – Rather hard→ Black plays and win with a (+2) advantage→ Answer will be given on Monday Othello Expert app is here: https://t.co/DjIElm287s……… "Retweet if you like, follow otherwise"… Continue reading

Sept.1 2020

Sept.1 2020… Current Events on this Day.. Pressing the opponentfrom all sideswith no real Plan,Debt grows… in the form of stretched logistics (aka connections),loose fighting formations (shapes),insufficient resources (territories). Unless the opponent is completely flummoxed,the bill will come due. What then? — Living Go (@osmoticferenc) September 2, 2020   The… Continue reading

Current Events

Catching up with Current events.. Scrabble Mind Sports Olympiad Commentary with Will Anderson and Sumbul Siddiqui (Aug 8) https://t.co/6rPanepTnz — Mind Sports Olympiad (@mindsportsolymp) August 8, 2020 Don't forget to watch — Andrea Muzii vs. Alex Mullen competing on Memory League! #memorysports #memoryleague https://t.co/BxJJSAxP8c — Memory League (@memoryleague) August 8,… Continue reading