April 16 2021

April 16 2021..Its “Weekend Time” 9⃣ Champions in 9⃣days for #WPTShowdown heads to Season🔟when Tommy Vedes (@HalloumoBatsos) won at @HardRockHolly for $779,520 🤘 The title was Vedes' second WPT Main Tour win 🏆 🎸https://t.co/dSNFcQUjWh pic.twitter.com/kM3duA5bp7 — World Poker Tour: #WPTShowdown Starts April 23 (@WPT) April 16, 2021   An exhausted… Continue reading

Morphy and the Queen’s Gambit

Morphy and the Queen’s Gambit Paul Charles Morphy🇺🇸, by some the best chess player of all time, playing (and gallantly losing) Queen Victoria🇬🇧 in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in 1859.. pic.twitter.com/5V9S5yUQSy — Roaring Pawn (@chessContact) May 24, 2020   This photograph comes from page 40 of Chessworld, January-February 1964, in… Continue reading

Opera Euro Rapid/FINAL

Opera Euro Rapid/FINAL GOLD  Wesley So – SILVER Magnus Carlsen – BRONZE  Teimour Radjabov  Champions Chess Tour Opera Euro Rapid – Knockout 2021  knockout match : 2 rapid mini matches of 4 games. Time control is 15+10.  If the matches end 1/1 a tiebreak of 2 blitz games follows and armageddon… Continue reading

Opera Euro Rapid

  MELTWATER CHAMPIONS CHESS TOUR Opera Euro Rapid Rounds 1-5   February 6th – February 14th Time control is 15+10. 16 players in a single round robin then the top 8 after 15 rounds go through to the ” knockout” phase.   Rd1 So, Wesley  – Carlsen, Magnus 1-0 1. e4… Continue reading

An Artist, A Genius ,The Machine

Akiba Rubinstein in a July 1926 interview: "Alekhine is an artist, Lasker is a genius and Capablanca is a machine." https://t.co/W6gcjAaZYk pic.twitter.com/SqQaJnPc7O — Olimpiu G. Urcan (@olimpiuurcan) February 4, 2021     This is a reprint of the original third book, with all of the games converted into Algebraic Figurine… Continue reading

Dec. 31 2020

Dec. 31 2020 The Last Blitz  and King’s Gambit of 2020.. I look forward in playing more and hopefully better Chess in “21”.. It’s only fitting to win against an opponent who sports a 2100 rating .. [Event “GameKnot Blitz”] [Time: 5 min + 15 sec] [Date “2020.12.31”]    … Continue reading