The 7th Mikhail Tal Memorial Tournament 2012

  The Sorcerer From Riga / Mikhail Tal . The 7th Mikhail Tal Memorial will take place in Moscow from June 7 through June 19. . The confirmed participants are below:   Magnus Carlsen Vladimir Kramnik Levon Aronian . Teimour Radjabov . Hikaru Nakamura . Fabiano Caruana . Three more… Continue reading

London Classic 2011 / Round 5

Nakamura appeared to be invigorated by his win yesterday.  He crashed through Black’s position with a fine exchange sacrifice and White’s Bishops ruled the board.   Hikaru Nakamura David Howell   [Event “3rd London Chess Classic 2011”] [Site “London/UK”] [Date “2011.12.08”] [Round “5”] [White “Nakamura, Hikaru”] [Black “Howell, David W… Continue reading

Tal Memorial 2011 / Final Standings

    Levon Aronian had a rather dramatic win in the previous round against Peter Svidler.  If Kramnik thought that Svidler would be ‘easy pickings’ in the last round and attempt to ‘cash in’ against a ‘wounded’ opponent, he was sorely surprised.  Vladimir Kramnik lost in the final round.  … Continue reading