04 -21- 2012

04 -21- 2012 Ian Nepomniachtchi wins against Kirill Alekseenko, extends his tournament lead. #FIDECandidates pic.twitter.com/AUswh2KHJ5 — International Chess Federation (@FIDE_chess) April 21, 2021   Recruitment of T2 (strong and fun) league participants Eligibility: Those who can use the doubling cube and can make a 7p match Participation fee: 5000 yen… Continue reading

February 8 2021

It’s Monday.. February 8 2021 ..Enjoy ! じっくり考えて一発で解こう!今日の詰めオセロスマホ⇒https://t.co/kGVEVw3g5aPC⇒https://t.co/keUGsU56kw – pic.twitter.com/sOAZIcCojS — オセロジャパン (@othellojapan) February 8, 2021 UK 8 GERMANY 13 Friendly International. This evening Steve Bibby plays Philipp Heyng @ 1700 UK time. This match will be played on the new Heroes 3 platform and live streamed on the UKBGF… Continue reading

DEC 10 2020

DEC 10 2020  Watch your Arms.. Beth … The Wookiee's Gambit?#QueensGambit pic.twitter.com/ZUTz4P4l7z — John Hudgens (@JohnHudgens) December 8, 2020   Nine break ® A board game lined up with Go, Shogi, and chess! Blackjack elements too! Mind sports that can be done easily in a short time! Simple rules! 4×4… Continue reading

Tournament Calendar For Backgammon

Online Circuit Tournament Calendar For Backgammon If your interested playing  online tournaments and looking for competition you will have no problem finding it.. Online Circuit Tournament Calendar     Hopeful OTB Tournaments … NEW DATE Jul 16th, 2020 – Jul 19th, 2020 26th Ohio State Championships Marriott, Cleveland, OH NEW DATE Aug 20th, 2020… Continue reading

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas and for Always.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas and for Always. Cigarettes.. Great stocking stuffer.   Soviet vintage wooden checkers from 1962 https://www.etsy.com/USSRovskyVintage/listing/704832150/nos-soviet-checker-1962-vintage-wooden?utm_campaign=Share&utm_medium=social_organic&utm_source=DSMT2&utm_term=so.smt&share_time=1572899704000   Vintage 8-sided Poker Dice Set of 5 Game https://www.ebay.com/itm/163986294268    Vintage board games … Snakes and Ladders POSTERS… https://fineartamerica.com/featured/rooftop-giant-checkers-game-underwood-archives.html?product=poster       Continue reading