SEPT 13.. The final day of Chess 960 : Magnus Carlsen and  Hikaru Nakamura Tie for 1st and split the prize winnings .. Congratulations to the co-champions of 2020 Champions Showdown: Chess9LX winner @MagnusCarlsen and @GMHikaru! They won $31,250 each — Saint Louis Chess Club (@STLChessClub) September 13, 2020… Continue reading

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas and for Always.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas and for Always. Cigarettes.. Great stocking stuffer.   Soviet vintage wooden checkers from 1962   Vintage 8-sided Poker Dice Set of 5 Game    Vintage board games … Snakes and Ladders POSTERS…       Continue reading

2019 IMSA World Masters Championship

2019 IMSA World Masters Championship, as an A-Level international competition, will be held from May 12th to May 19th in Hengshui, Heibei Province, China. The event was approved by General Administration of Sport of China, hosted by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) and organized jointly by Board and Card… Continue reading

The Blue Law

The Blue Law: Frank P. Schuld [1928-1994]  played Bridge since the age of 12. He was an experienced tournament player and Chairman of the Nassau Bridge Association and on the Board of Directors of the American Contract Bridge League for New York City.  Published the book The Simple Squeeze in… Continue reading

A Partner is Right

A Partner is Right  {STL DISPATCH MAG May 19 1937}   The Bidding.. South        West            North         East 1 Spade    Pass             2 Hearts    No-Trump Double     Redouble   3 Spades   Pass Pass         Pass “My Partner maintains that I was  ‘fixed’  by the opponents psychic bidding….”   Your Partner was right. It was all very… Continue reading

2017  ABA Spring National

2017 ABA Spring National at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino  Reno , Nevada April 1-7 Schedule New Player Schedule   Declarer Play Problems – BOB’S BRIDGE CLUB                    DECLARER PLAY PROBLEM #7          ♠ T 8 3      North ♥ J T♦ A 8 3 § K Q J 9… Continue reading