SUNDAY CHECKERS: FRISIAN DRAUGHTS   Febuary 28  – March 5 2017 Fryslân Open 2017 and World championships FRYSK!   Participants of Fryslân Open 2017 (international group)   1. World champion Rapid Chess from Ukraine: Vasyl Ivanchuk   2. World champion checkers from Italy: Michele Borghetti   3. World champion international… Continue reading

SportAccord World Mind Games: Draughts 8×8

SportAccord World Mind Games: Draughts 8×8: The 4th edition of the SportAccord World Mind Games returns in December this year, bigger and better than ever! Taking place in Beijing from the 11-17 December, the World Mind Games 2014 boast of 5 mind sports, namely chess, bridge, Go, xiangqi and draughts,… Continue reading

40th Mori International Open

40th Coppa Città di Mori    di dama internazionale     – International Mori Open  August 30-31   Image Diego Tranquillini Rd 3 MF BORGHETTI  – GMI SHVARTSMAN  1-1 (DRAW)       Coppa Città di Mori – Group 1 2014-08-30/2014-08-31 Arbiter: Ezio Valentini   Pairing – round 3 Board SNo.   White Result SNo.   Black… Continue reading

Updates on the SAWMG 2014/ Draughts and Checkers

Updates on the SAWMG 2014 International Draughts and Checkers Games will be held in December 11 – 17 … As of Right Now the players in the Checker Event Will be 1.Michele Borghetti {Italy} 2.Sergio Scarpetta {Italy} 3.Alex Moiseyev {USA} 4. Lubabalo Kondlo {South Africa} Continue reading