World Chess Candidates / Round 14 / Final

    Sergey Karjakin wins the Candidates Tournament for 2016 and will challenge Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship. It was a HARD fought last round battle against the co-leader Fabiano Caruana.  Caruana played the Black side of a Sicilian Defense – generally regarded as a fighting defense.  It was… Continue reading

World Chess Candidates / Round 12

    Nakamura blew Anand away in the twelfth round; Vishy trying that Bb4 variation that he fared so badly with against Caruana.  It was obvious that Black was striving to win a piece, and consolidate, and attack, all at the same time – with little development.  That was just… Continue reading

World Chess Candidates / Round 11

    Don’t count Anand out.  He just took out the tournament leader, Karjakin. Anand now ties for first place with Caruana and three rounds to go.   This “monumental” game was a tough/tough fight; opposite colored Bishops but with Rooks on the board.  It was obvious that Anand was… Continue reading

FIDE World Cup 2015 / Finals (7.10)

  FIDE World Cup 2015 / Finals (7.10) Russian GM Sergey Karjakin, winner of the 2015 World Cup.  After playing 4 games [Classical] The play went to”Rapid” Time Control then to Blitz.. GM Karjakin secured the title after winning the second “Blitz” game playing the Black side of a “Quiet Game”….Congrats   Rd… Continue reading

Candidates Tournament 2016

  Candidates Tournament 2016 The Candidates Tournament is one of the most important and most followed tournaments in the World Chess Championship cycle.  It will determine the challenger for the 2016 World Chess Championship Match. Eight players will participate in the Candidates Tournament and the winner qualifies for the Championship… Continue reading

NO LOGO Norway Chess 2014/Rd9

Image NO LOGO Norway Chess 2014/Rd9 Defending champion Sergey  Karjakin Repeats..  winning the last three rounds.with a final victory over Fabiano Caruana..Wins NO Logo Norway  Chess 2014       MOVE 24….Bf5?!                                                 32.Na4? …Bxc6, 33.Rxc6 Qb4! [24…Qd7!, 25.Rfc2 Rdc8.+]                                       [ b5 pawn en prise]  English Opening White : GM Caruana 2791… Continue reading

NO LOGO Norway Chess 2014/Rd8

NO LOGO Norway Chess 2014/Rd8 Sergey Karjakin defeats co-leader Vladimir Kramnik Image  NorwayChess Rd8 GM Karjakin (2771) – GM Kramnik (2783) [1-0]   Image  NorwayChess Magnus Carlsen settled with a frustrating draw playing Black .. letting a win slip against Svidler. Rd8 GM Agdestein(2628) – GM Topalov(2772) [0-1] # Name Rtg Perf 1 2… Continue reading