Opera Euro Rapid/FINAL

Opera Euro Rapid/FINAL GOLD  Wesley So – SILVER Magnus Carlsen – BRONZE  Teimour Radjabov  Champions Chess Tour Opera Euro Rapid – Knockout 2021  knockout match : 2 rapid mini matches of 4 games. Time control is 15+10.  If the matches end 1/1 a tiebreak of 2 blitz games follows and armageddon… Continue reading

Opera Euro Rapid

  MELTWATER CHAMPIONS CHESS TOUR Opera Euro Rapid Rounds 1-5   February 6th – February 14th Time control is 15+10. 16 players in a single round robin then the top 8 after 15 rounds go through to the ” knockout” phase.   Rd1 So, Wesley  – Carlsen, Magnus 1-0 1. e4… Continue reading

FIDE World Chess Championship 2021 Announcement

FIDE World Chess Championship 2021 Announcement       The FIDE World Chess Championship  will take place 24  November – 16 December 2021 in Dubai  Reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen will defend his title for the fourth time  prize fund of 2 million euros  The  Championship will take place at the… Continue reading

DEC 30 2020

DEC 30 2020   An unbelievable day in Airthings Masters Carlsen, Nakamura and So all knocked out in the quarterfinal…   Champions Chess Tour Airthings Masters Knockout 2020          Rd2/G3 Dubov- Carlsen 0-1 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 d5 4. g3 Bb4+ 5. Nbd2… Continue reading

DEC 16 2020

DEC 16 2020   Goryachkina wins Russian Chess Championship Горячкина выиграла чемпионат России по шахматам: https://t.co/l4rKXxJbRu — CFR (@ruchess_ru) December 16, 2020 Russian Women’s Championship Superfinal 2020 -Armageddon Rd14 Goryachkina, Aleksandra -Shuvalova, Polina  1. d4 Nf6 2. Nc3 d5 3. Bf4 e6 4. Nb5 Na6 5. e3 Be7 6. Nf3 O-O… Continue reading

DEC 10 2020

DEC 10 2020  Watch your Arms.. Beth … The Wookiee's Gambit?#QueensGambit pic.twitter.com/ZUTz4P4l7z — John Hudgens (@JohnHudgens) December 8, 2020   Nine break ® A board game lined up with Go, Shogi, and chess! Blackjack elements too! Mind sports that can be done easily in a short time! Simple rules! 4×4… Continue reading

NOV 30 2020

NOV 30 2020    WINNER!!!  WESLEY SO  A Nice Surprise to End The FINAL of  SKILLING OPEN .. Congratulations to Wesley So on crashing Magnus Carlsen's 30th birthday party to win the #SkillingOpen, the 1st tournament on the $1.5 million Champions Chess Tour! https://t.co/yipwWGTNjX #c24live #ChessChamps pic.twitter.com/V1tA3OjBdh — chess24.com (@chess24com)… Continue reading

61st Annual US Armed Forces Chess Championship

2020 61st Annual US Armed Forces Chess Championship Virginia Beach, VA  October 10-12 Eligible participants include past and present members of the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard.. 2020 Armed Forces Chess Championship Standings http://www.vachess.org/AFO/home.html US Armed Forces Chess Open Facebook page Two Airmen from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base brought… Continue reading

OCT. 27

一歩の積み重ねが・・今日の詰めオセロスマホ⇒https://t.co/kGVEVw3g5aPC⇒https://t.co/keUGsU56kw – pic.twitter.com/zS48nYv2GI — オセロジャパン (@othellojapan) October 27, 2020   Chess's cheating crisis: 'paranoia has become the culture' #chess https://t.co/RRwEAS1Fqn — Sah cu Ceausescu (@CeausescuIulian) October 27, 2020 Fischer is an American Chess tragedy on par with Morphy and Pillsbury. – Mig Greengard — ChessQuotes (@chess_chat) October 27, 2020 Morphy's… Continue reading