XIANGQI Excersice

XIANGQI  Excersice  Red to Play Mate in Two   TACTICS With the Horse and Canon White on the Move placing Red in Check with the Canon.. Red Shifts his Advisor Then White Calls Check Removing the Horse  Red moves the Advisor back then Check with the other Horse.. Red moves… Continue reading

2019 IMSA World Masters Championship

2019 IMSA World Masters Championship, as an A-Level international competition, will be held from May 12th to May 19th in Hengshui, Heibei Province, China. The event was approved by General Administration of Sport of China, hosted by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) and organized jointly by Board and Card… Continue reading

The Secret in the Tangerine/G1

The Secret in the Tangerine  .. one of the most influential books in Xiangqi,  by Zhu Jinzhen 1632 A.D. [Ming Dynasty] Game 1 Horse sacrifice , Red wins in 13 moves.. Considered perhaps one of the most famous opening trap.   Cannon Opening /Horse Sacrifice.  K-King  A-Advisor  H-Horse E-Elephant R… Continue reading