04 -21- 2012

04 -21- 2012


Recruitment of T2 (strong and fun) league participants Eligibility: Those who can use the doubling cube and can make a 7p match Participation fee: 5000 yen (pay pay or bank transfer) Server: Backgammon studio 7p match delay 10 seconds, time control 14 minutes (standard setting) We will make a league match of 5 to 7 players and play the match over a month.


From the final of the 2nd Six Emperor Battle. It is a good play of shogo…

Othello (Reversi) and NineBreak ® Then? For 4×4 One Othello Master said, “It’s been proven that the second player will definitely win!” But nine break ® Then, there is a way to win even if you are on the play! It’s about using “non-inverted hands”! “interesting!” Please challenge!


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