Magnus Carlsen finally won a game against Anish Giri.  Giri won their first encounter several years back, and since then they have amassed approximately 19 draws, before this tourney.  Carlsen finally wins and he did it with the rather placid London System – in this case a “Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing”.  Magnus sure knows how to apply the pressure, sacrifice a Knight for a beautiful outpost on ‘d4’, run the ‘h’ Pawn up to Black’s King and finally force Giri to sacrifice some material in the attempt to keep White off of his back.  It was to no avail.  Carlsen showed complete domination in this game.


Carlsen, Magnus (NOR) vs. Giri, Anish (NED),  ?,  Source2016.07.22,  Round 9White To Play


On move 44 just after Black played Ra4 (Diagram Above), Magnus Carlsen played 44. Qd8 ! !  One more move was played on each side – 44. …. Ra2+ 45. Kg1 and Black resigned.


The reason is White will win the Queen via the following sequence.

(45. Kg1 Qxe5 46. Qf8+ Ke6 47. Qe8+ Kd6 48. Qb8+ Ke6 49. Nf8+ Kf7

(49… Kf6 50. Nd7+)

50. Qxe5)



# Name Pts SB
1 Carlsen, Magnus 16 51.5
2 Nakamura, Hikaru 11 55
3 Wei, Yi 10 42
  So, Wesley 10 38
5 Karjakin, Sergey 8 40
6 Giri, Anish 6 31.5


As a MAJOR aside, Magnus Carlsen will win the tournament with one round still to be played.  As you can see from the scores above, Carlsen is a full FIVE points ahead of the field.

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