Your Next Move GCT / Blitz / Day One



Levon Aronian is in the lead by a half point at the half way point of the Your Next Move GCT in Leuven Belgium.


# Name Pts SB
1 Aronian, Levon 5.5 23.5
2 Carlsen, Magnus 5 23
  Kramnik, Vladimir 5 22.25
  Nakamura, Hikaru 5 21.25
  So, Wesley 5 20.75
6 Anand, Viswanathan 4.5 20.75
  Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 4.5 19.75
8 Topalov, Veselin 4 16
9 Caruana, Fabiano 3.5 15
10 Giri, Anish 3 14.75

Today there were nine rounds.  You can play through any/all of the games by accessing the official site (URL below).  I very much liked a game played by the World Champion Magnus Carlsen against Wesley So.  It started out as a solid-looking Slav defense to the Queen’s Gambit.  Magnus (playing White) went for the Two Bishops; later opened up the position for those Bishops and then proceeded to show how “easy” it is to dominate the board right into the ending.  Click on the Diagram below to step through the lightly annotated game.


Carlsen, Magnus vs. So, Wesley,  ?,  Source2016.06.19,  Round ?.8


 Images below are courtesy of Derrick Bartotto.


image (1)

image (2)

image (3)

 image (4)

image (5)

image (6)

image (7)

image (8)


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