Samisch vs. Nimzovich, 1923 Copenhagen

Aron Nimzovich(7 Nov. 1886 -16 Mar 1935) was a Latvian-born Danish unofficial chess grandmaster and a very influential chess writer. He was the foremost figure amongst the hypermoderns in showing how games could be won through indirect control of the center, challenging some of Tarrasch’s dogmatic views that the center had to be occupied by pawns. Nimzovich advocated controlling the center of the board with distant pieces rather than with pawns, thus inviting the opponent to occupy the center with pawns which can then become objects of attack. However, this was only part of the Hypermodern framework which Nimzovich encapsulated in the seminal chess work called “My System”.



Chessmetrics places him as the third best player in the world from 1927 to 1931, behind Alexander Alekhine and Jose Capablanca. His Record [290 wins 105 loses 212 draws]..


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  1. Hypermodern openings include the Réti Opening, King’s Indian Defence, Queen’s Indian Defence, Nimzo-Indian Defence, Grünfeld Defence, Bogo-Indian Defence, Old Indian Defence, Catalan Opening, King’s Indian Attack, Alekhine’s Defence, Modern Defence, Pirc Defence, Larsen’s opening, Sokolsky Opening, and to a lesser degree the English Opening. Openings such as 1.a3 do not constitute hypermodern openings since, although they delay the occupation of the centre with pawns, they also delay development which is not consistent with Hypermodernism.

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