U. S. Championships 2015 / Round 2

by National Life Master Loal Davis

NakaHikaru Nakamura


Nakamura, playing White, won on the other side of a gambit today.

Nakamura, Hikaru vs. Akobian, Varuzhan,  ?,  Source2015.04.02,  Round 2Click on the Diagram to step through the Annotated Game.


Holt bounced back from his loss yesterday to win on the Black side of an exchange Slav; no mean achievement.  In the Diagram position (Left) he offers a Pawn to occupy e4 and penetrate with his Rooks on the open file.

Troff wins a fine positional game that shows a good understanding of square control, tactics, and winning with a material superiority into a Rook & Pawn ending (Middle).

A long-long hard fight with So finally bringing in the point in a Knight ending (Right).

Gareev, Timur  vs. Holt, Conrad,  ?,  Source2015.04.02,  Round 2 Troff, Kayden W vs. Naroditsky, Daniel,  ?,  Source2015.04.02,  Round 2 Shankland, Samuel L vs. So, Wesley,  ?,  Source2015.04.02,  Round 2

That’s – Again – Four Decisive Games This Round.


image Photo Courtesy Of Derrick Barototto


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