White to move Mate in 3

This problem appears in Edward Lasker’s book Chess For Fun and Chess For Blood (or something along those lines). White is to play and mate in three.
Despite the paucity of moves available, this problem is extremely difficult to solve.

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  1. Easy one here..

    1.g8=R b7
    2.Rg1 b8=Q

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  2. The solution is 1.g8=N b5 2.Ne7 Kxb4 3. Nc6#

    The problem was actually composed by Eduard Petsch-Manskopf and first appeared in Leipziger Illustrierte Zeitung, 1899.

  3. Fre Chess Puzzles

    Aboudeh, black pawn is moving downward…

  4. mmmm.. that seems tricky. i think 1.g8=N is the correct move!

  5. Is the second move for black Kxb4 possible when bishop is in f8

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