Chess and Go: Proverbs

Chess and Go:  Proverbs

A Chess and Go comparison assembled by Richard Bozulich  Introduces ideas and principles that guide a player to make sound strategic moves in Go and Chess ..Which helps the beginner master the game..

Most Go philosophy is in proverbs but they’re other strategic principles which make up Go theory

example : “Don’t use thickness to make territory”

GO Board

as in Go, Chess too has a list of its own proverbs ..

example : Never play to win a pawn if your development is unfinished.

Chess Board

 What ?………. does that mean no Gambits?

 Chess and Go proverbs summarize wisdom in easy-to-remember phrases. Still, one must always evaluate whether or not they apply in a particular situation.  Often there’s more than one proverb which applies.  Sometimes they are even contradictory. Therefore,  remember ..

“Don’t follow proverbs blindly” ………..

 Richard Bozulich :

 GO Proverbs

Chess Strategy   50 tips..




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