Looks Like the French website that promoted Xiangqi for nearly a decade has ended it run..

What made this site unique was the use of correspondence play with Western Pieces as well as Traditional.

Easy access to players and an Easy on the eye Game Board.


When I first started to play I knew nothing about the game and instantly felt a close connection to the site 

so much so that I wanted to make it part of the QG.  Thus  “Adopting ” [unofficially] by adding a Link button on our HOME page ..

I hope that its down for just technical reasons and some day it will be back .. I Miss it already .. Adieu et Merci



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  1. Steven Edward DuCharme

    I might have played against an engine there. R.I.P

  2. UP DATE!!!
    the SITE is Back on Line although it was down for about a week…
    I was hoping it was something technical perhaps it was ..who knows..
    Ill be there so log in and start a game…… ya there is NO Engines that I am aware of…Unless I am a CHESS FREAK

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