Dominoes and Chess?


 { N.Y.}  MTA bus drivers spent a happy holiday week at their garages, collecting paychecks for playing chess and dominoes…………..

The cash-strapped MTA slashed bus service around the city from Dec.25 through Jan 2  because it expected fewer riders.


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  1. The good news: It saved money in fuel and maintenance costs.
    The bad news: The savings would have been a lot bigger if the MTA hadn’t been doling out wages to bored bus drivers.

    “We are there for eight hours with nothing to do,” said one bus driver who asked not to be identified. “We’re watching TV, basically just hanging around talking.’’

  2. Dominoes evolved from dice. In fact, the numbers in a standard double-six domino set represent all the rolls of two six-sided dice. A set of Chinese Dominoes contains all the possible combinations (including duplicates). European dominoes use only the unique rolls (and add in the blanks).

  3. Michael Dummett wrote a short piece in the history section of his “Game of Tarot” (page 35) dating the introduction of dominos in Europe to Italy, possibly in Venice and Naples, in the 18-th Century . Although domino tiles are clearly of Chinese inheritance, there is a debate over whether the European tile set came from China to Europe in the fourteenth century or was invented independently…………….
    The word “Domino” is French for a black and white hood worn by Christian priests in winter which is probably where the name of the game derives from.

  4. World Championship DominoTournament….
    will be held at Andalusia, Alabama
    July 13 & 14, 2012
    😀 More than $800,000 in prize money and trophies have been awarded since the Domino Tournament began in 1976 !

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