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When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead..

Chess Board

{Alice the pawn mates in 11}

1.Alice meets Red Queen. Red Queen to King’s Rook’s 4th
2.Alice through Queen’s 3rd (by railway) to Queen’s 4th
Tweedledum and Tweedledee White Queen to Queen’s Bishop’s 4th (after shawl)

Chess Board

3. Alice meets White Queen (with shawl) White Queen  to Queen Bishop’s 5th (becomes sheep)
4. Alice to Queen’s 5th (shop, river, shop) White Queen to King  Bishop’s 8th (leaves egg on shelf)

Chess Board

5. Alice to Queen’s 6th (Humpty Dumpty) White Queen to Queen Bishop’s 8th (flying from Red Knight.)
6. Alice to Queen’s 7th (forest) White Knight. takes Red Knight. Red Knight to King’s 2nd (check.)

Chess Board
7. White Knight takes Red Knight. White Knight to King’s Bishop’s 5th
8. Alice to Queen’s 8th (coronation) Red Queen to King’s square. (examination)

Chess Board
9. Alice becomes Queen Queens castle
10. Alice castles (feast) White Queen to Queen’s Rook’s 6th (soup)
11. Alice takes Red Queen . Check Mate

Chess Board

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  1. A while Ago ..I came up with an Idea to play A Chess Game “Thru the looking Glass” ..
    White Red
    1. d3 d5
    2. d4 …
    This is how the game starts in the book Alice’s first move is d3 by Train To d4 {takes awhile to get there}
    Now its a mirror on the chess board and backwards so Red actually moves first ..42 minutes for each player..
    {Exhibition Game}