Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas ..

Wall Clocks from  highlighting your favorite  games like Chess , Checkers, Darts and Shuffleboard !




 Grandfather Clock ? … Any one these would look great in the living room just ask the wife she’ll tell you.


And .. or how about an old Soviet Checkers Manual from 1983?

Soviet book. Checkers for all. A manual for beginners. 1983. 128 pages. in Russian.
The work of famous draftsmen and teachers of the Honored Coach of the USSR Windermann and Gertsenzon is a textbook on Russian drafts.
The book tells about the history of the game, its rules, gives a brief summary of the theory (traps, combinations, debuts, tactics of positional play, game in endings), are given as examples of a lot of famous masters and exercises for independent work.


How about Prints  or  Coffee / Tea Cups ?

  wall paper or prints (POSTER)..



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