NOV 16 2020

NOV 16 2020

The Queen’s Gambit and the Dangerous Myth of Drug-Induced Genius

Lilly Dancyger:

The new Netflix limited series The Queen’s Gambit contains many dark elements—the main character, Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy), is orphaned as a child when her mother takes her own life with Beth in the car; her adoptive mother, Alma Wheatley (Marielle Heller), is an alcoholic who runs up an exorbitant liquor bill before dying from hepatitis in the hotel bed; and Beth herself is addicted to pills—but it’s somehow still mostly a feel-good story.



Ming Mang is a Tibetan game of strategy. Players start with their pieces arrayed around the edge of the board. Pieces move around like rooks in chess, sandwiching enemies in the same way as reversi. The winner is the first player to turn all the enemy pieces into his own colour.

It is played on a board looking a bit like a go board, and pieces are placed on the lines in the same way. Traditionally, it was played on a board of 17×17 points, but the size is variable. Ming mang boards are uncommon outside Tibet, so the game is sometimes played with the pieces and board for the more widespread game of go. It can also be played on a standard draughts board with 28 pieces each side.

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