Enochian Chess

Enochian chess was traditionally played on one of four specially constructed boards. Each board represented one of the classical elements. {Earth,Fire,Water,Air} ……….The diagaram above is Fire of Fire & Earth

In all eight initial arrangements each throne square is occupied by two pieces, a king and another piece (in the above case a knight). This double occupancy is only allowed at the beginning of the game. Once either the king or the other piece moves off of the throne square then for the remainder of the game only one piece may sit on that particular throne square at any one time. Both pieces are captured if an enemy piece moves into a throne square while it is still occupied by the both original pieces.

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  1. Enochian chess is a four-player chess variant, similar to Chaturaji, associated with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The name comes from the Enochian system of magic of Dr. John Dee (magus and astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I), which was later adapted by Victorian members of the Golden Dawn into “a complete system of training and initiation…..

    Enochian chess first appears to have been played by members of the Order of the Golden Dawn, who used their boards and pieces for divination as well as gameplay…

    and considered Enochian chess to be a secret teaching. At least partially because of this veil of secrecy, authorship of this variant is unclear. Golden Dawn founder Dr. Wynn Westcott (1848-1925) has been suggested as the inventor of this particular variant, but some (including Westcott himself) have claimed that the documents describing Enochian chess were among those supplied to him from an older occult group operating in Germany.


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