Nakamura Warming Up

 Naka  Stock

On August 23rd Hikaru Nakamura played a match against the World’s “strongest” computer program (Stockfish) in what appeared to be a “warm up” set of games getting ready for the Sinquefield Cup which starts on August 2th.  Getting a hold of these games was a difficult task and I was only able to come up with one in PGN (below).  There were four games and although the first reports I received said that all games were drawn, it turns out that Nakamura lost two – meaning that the result of the match was 3-1 in favor of the computer.  The game I found was played in the first round.  It was interesting in that Hikaru did not play the “usual” anti-computer closed, snarly, do-nothing style that previous humans have attempted and failed with.  I found the remaining games (website below) – but not in PGN (yet).   Should I or someone else encounter the PGN files, I (or you) can/will put them in the comments of this post.


Nakamura vs. Stockfish,  ?,  2014.08.24,  Round 1

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  1. 55. f4+ Kf5…………. why didn’t the computer play
    55…Nxf4 is moving the King the best play?
    He cant win anyway with just the Knight ..

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