Sinquefield 2014 / Round 4




Absolutely fantastic.  That is FOUR in a row.  This time he took out Number 2 – Aronian.  A solid, well played game; he was about to play Nh2 on move 29, but was “worried” about some Black exchange sacrifice for play.  Then he found Na5 ! (Diagram Left) and then – it was over.  As they say he has “lapped” the field; a full 2 points ahead of his nearest rival (Vachier-Lagrave) and everyone else at 1.5 (including Magnus Carlsen).

Fabiano had the only win today; the other two were drawn.  There is little else to say except that Carlsen gave Fabiano full credit for his play and was very forthcoming in stating that he was not proud of his current form and has some work to do.

Carlsen verus Topalov (Middle Diagram)

Vachier-Lagrave verus Nakamura (Right Diagram) 

 Caruana vs. Aronian,  ?,  Source2014.08.30,  Round 4

 Carlsen vs. Topalov,  ?,  Source2014.08.30,  Round 4

 Vachier-Lagrave vs. Nakamura,  ?,  Source2014.08.30,  Round ?


 It is no secret that the rest of the field is “gunning” for Caruana.  Nakamura plays him tomorrow.  If someone doesn’t take “Mister Perfect” down, then he has “already” run away with this tournament. Wow !

Three Photos From Derrick Bartotto (below):  He sent me more but these should be enough to “get into it”.  If you have the chance and are in St. Louis – Why don’t you try attending and showing these guys something about chess?  –  Yeah – Good Luck.




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