Sinquefield Cup 2014 / Round 2


 Two rounds – All fighting games.

Caruana wins his second game in a row right out of the gate and plays – like a machine.  Very tough for Lagrave who was crunched into dust with extremely precise play.  Black’s Queen looked misplaced, but how many could drive the dagger home? (LEFT)

Topalov loses his second game in a row.  Aronian played a speculative but dangerous exchange sacrifice and Veselin was blown off the board.  People are talking about Topalov’s “bad form”, but he is getting good, imbalanced, fighting games – it’s just – well – he’s getting outplayed by powerful chess.  (MIDDLE)

Carlsen played well against Nakamura, but Nakamura played well against Carlsen.  It was what I’ll call a “Pillsbury” Defense to the Ruy Lopez.  It slid into a King’s Indian type game where Nakamura should have felt right at home – if he were playing Black.  Carlsen (Black) daringly penetrated the Black squares on the Kingside and in the center; that coupled with good development and a Bishop sacrifice forced a perpetual check. (RIGHT)

All three games were tremendous fights.  Congratulations to all the players !

 Caruana vs. Vachier-Lagrave,  ?,  2014.08.28,  Round 2

 Aronian vs. Topalov,  ?,  2014.08.28,  Round 2

 Nakamura vs. Carlsen,  ?,  2014.08.28,  Round 2


Photo – Courtesy of our “On The Spot” Chess Aficionado Derrick Bartotto

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