Sinquefield Cup 2014 / Round 3


Baden Baden 2013 Fabiano CaruanaFabiano Caruana

Wow ! Wow ! Wow !  

That is three wins in three games and the last one (with the Black pieces) took out World Champion Magnus Carlsen.  Magnus played a Bishop’s Opening; a fairly innocuous reputation, quiet, etc. – BUT – it does avoid things like the Petrof Defense and can transpose into a King’s Gambit and a range of Italian Games.  It is “typical” that Carlsen plays openings “designed” to avoid preparation.  Whether my previous quoted labels are correct or not, in this he was successful and had a good game with at least equality.  Carlsen had an opportunity for a Bishop sacrifice on move 15 (Left Diagram).  The Black King danced away and despite the “violence”, the game appeared equal.  The battle see-sawed with both players aware that material is not all – there is mobility and King safety to look after.  Around the 25th move it was beginning to emerge that the position was rather open and Caruana had the Bishop.  By move 30 Black was crawling all over the position.  An incredible blend of attack and defense netted the point.


Photo – Courtesy of Derrick Barotto – On the spot again.

 Lagrave won a well deserved victory over Aronian.  Black won a Pawn on move 10 but “gave up the center” to get it.  I’m sure Levon has much experience with this and many similar positions, but he never really appeared to be in the game after White continued in beautiful gambit style.  (Middle Diagram)

Carlsen vs. Caruana,  ?,  Source2014.08.29,  Round 3

Vachier-Lagrave vs. Aronian,  ?,  Source2014.08.29,  Round 1

Topalov vs. Nakamura,  ?,  Source2014.08.29,  Round 3

 Topalov got on the scoreboard with a win against Nakamura.  It was a hard fight with chances for both sides.  Hikaru even appeared have an edge and may have fared better with Nh5 on his 27th move instead of Nc6.  True or not, Black looked to be going down by move 29.  Nakamura was violently thrashing (Right Diagram) to avoid defeat, but it was not to be.  White won a fine fight.


Every round – supreme fight chess.

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