Sunday Checkers (N.W. Banks)

 Blindfold Championship  in New York City  1937

Match Between William F Ryan and Newell  W. Banks

Banks  won with a score of   2-1 and 7  draws

Opening : Denny (Black Ryan-White Banks)

1.10-14  24-19  2.7-10 28-24  3. 9-13 22-18

 4.5-9 25-22 5. 11-16 18-15  6.16-20 32-28

7. 2-7  29-25 8.1-5 22-18  9.12-16 19-12 5.10-19 24-15

the set up..

 11. 7-10 25-22   12. 10-19  23-16

13. 14-32 16-11  14. 8-15 31-27!!

whites amazing triple jump

Black must take his jump.. 

15. 32-23 26-1 ….Black resigns in 2 moves

Chess~ Newell Banks (White)- Frank Marshall(Black)

Chicago 1926


‘It is my contention that chess is a great asset to a checker player’s opening and mid-game strategy, while checkers is of great value in improving a chess player’s sense of timing in the endgame. For these reasons alone, I advise serious students, of either game, to study both chess and checkers.’ ………N.W. Banks


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  1. Newell William Banks holds the world’s championship speed record at mixed play, which includes both board games of checkers and chess. At one time he played 75 checkers and 25 chess games simultaneously, while also completing six games of blindfold checkers in a total of four hours. The result of this complex game play was that Newell won sixty-five checkers games and drew ten, but he also won four blindfold games and drew two. At the same time, Newell Banks won twenty-two chess games, losing only one, and drawing two. This amazing display of game ingenuity and absolute skill was took place in 1932 at an exhibition that was held at the Tuller Hotel in Detroit.

    heres another post on Newell W. Banks

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