Brains vs A.I. {Poker}


Brains vs A.I. [Poker] :Apr 24-May 8 80,000 hands

We knew Claudico was the strongest computer poker program in the world, but we had no idea before this competition how it would fare against four Top 10 poker players,” said Prof. Tuomas Sandholm, head of CMU’s Claudico project. The event was part of the “Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence” exhibition that lasted two weeks, during which Claudico and four of the biggest poker talents in the world played over $170 million in poker chips.

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No-limit Texas Hold ‘Em is a unique game to design a computer to play well. Unlike chess, where all the pieces can be seen, some cards in a player’s hand are unknown to opponents. Bluffing – where a player will bet heavily on a poor hand in hopes the other opponent will give up – is also a vital part of the game. This illogical thought is an example of fuzzy thinking which will be vital to developing advanced forms of artificial intelligence. 

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