It’s All in the Cards

                     ..Shuffle up and Deal…

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  1. Now the computer is dominant in nearly every board or card game devised by man. Computers have superior command of chess, draughts, Othello (Reversi), Scrabble, three-dimensional noughts and crosses, Monopoly, and even at bridge and poker…
    Bridge poses challenges to its players that are different from board games such as chess and go. Most notably, bridge is a stochastic game of incomplete information. At the start of a deal, the information available to each player is limited to just his/her own cards. During the bidding and the subsequent play, more information becomes available via the bidding of the other three players at the table, the cards of the partner of the declarer (the dummy) being put open on the table, and the cards played at each trick. However, it is only at the end of the play that full information is obtained…
    The event follows 500 hand ‘duplicate’ matches in a series of fixed limit holdem games. This means simultaneously 500 hands of limit holdem per player will be played by the two human competitors in every match against Polaris, with the similar series of playing cards being dealt by the players in both the contests, the ole cards will only be reversed.

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