A.I. solving Poker


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A.I. solving Poker

Poker has been solved. Michael Bowling, a computer science professor at the University of Alberta — along with co-authors Neil Burch, Michael Johanson and Oskari Tammelin — published findings to that effect earlier this month in the journal Science. For a specific poker game — heads-up limit hold ‘em — a computer algorithm is now indistinguishable from perfect.

What’s more, the program — dubbed Cepheus1 — is self-taught. Over two months, it played trillions of hands against itself. It learned what worked, what didn’t, and it improved. The game is now “solved” in the sense that you could play poker against Cepheus all day, every day for a lifetime and not be able to distinguish the program from the Platonic ideal of a poker player. Don’t believe it? You can play with Cepheus online.

FULL STORY : http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/computers-are-learning-how-to-treat-cancer-and-diabetes-by-playing-poker-and-atari/


The Games Solved and yet to Come…

Tic-tac-toe 3
Nine Men’s Morris 10
Go (5×5) 11
Connect Four 13
Limit hold ‘em 14
Checkers 20
Backgammon 20  
Chinese checkers 23  
Othello 28  
Go (9×9) 38  
Xiangqi 48  
Chess 50  
Shogi 71  
Go (13×13) 79  
Stratego 115  
No limit hold ‘em 140  
Go (19×19) 171  






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