What Luck

What Luck:

Richard Rory has gone to Vegas, broke, and ends up finding a single token on the ground He puts it in the slot machine and instantly wins the jackpot. How much? 50k! Of course, the casino doesn’t want him to walk out with the money so they send a showgirl to distract him and then leads him over to the roulette table where he is distracted by the beautiful woman and he ends up putting everything on 13 …


Now he’s the winner of 1.5 million dollars..

Attitude is everything but being lucky is sublime …thJRQOQHS7




*Comic Strip..http://www.nerdcenaries.com/shulkin-with-savage-she-hulk-7/

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Chess enthusiast and wanna be blogger ..Supporter of God,Family,USA and Gaming. Long live the Q.G.and Freedom.[GTh:77]
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