Champions Showdown 960/G1/2

Champions Showdown 960/G1/2:




Ten of the top Chess Players in the World including Legendary Garry Kasparov will gather September 11-14 for the Champions Showdown.


This event will be played in Chess 960 style with two games of Rapid and two games of Blitz for the first three days and all Blitz on Day Four. Total Prize Fund of 250,000

Six (6) rapid games at G/30 with a 10-second delay. Each rapid game is worth 2 points.

Fourteen (14) blitz games at G/5 with a 5-second delay. Each blitz game is worth 1 point.


Each player alternates color with the same position ….


  Results GAME 1 /2  (4 games 2 Rapids/2 Blitz)    Topalov -Kasparov  3.5 – 2.5

  Results GAME 1/2   (4 games 2 Rapids/2 Blitz)   Aronian – Dominguez  3.5-2.5 

  Results GAME 1/2  (4 games 2 Rapids/2 Blitz)  Vachier-Lagrave – Shankland  4-2

Results GAME 1/2  (4 games 2 Rapids/2 Blitz)  So -Giri  4.5 -1.5 

  Results GAME 1/2  (4 games 2 Rapids/2 Blitz)  Nakamura – Svidler  3.5-2.5


Gary Kasparov wins his last game (Blitz) just in Time…

Games 3 and 4 Wednesday Sept. 12 start time 13:00


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