41st World Othello Championship


 100 players will travel to Ghent in Belgium to play in the World Othello Championship..

There will be up to 20 hours of livestreaming from W.O.C. 2017! Broadcasting  live from table number one, with comments by elite players. Guy Plowman will lead the WOC Studio Live together with Emmanuel Caspard, Jeroen Everts and Kunihiko Tanida as games commentators. 
At the W.O.F. YouTube channel it will be streamed up to four games each round. It will also be some games at Live Othello.
The broadcasts will be in English. News will be available in Dutch, French, Japanese ..






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  1. 1, Group our pieces together
    2.Break your opponents pieces up
    3.Flip Interior discs as opposed to frontier discs
    MOBILITY Othello Lesson 3 – Part 2

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