Ohio State Backgammon Championships


25th Anniversary

Ohio State Backgammon Championships

Cleveland Airport Marriott Hotel

4277 West 150th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44130

New Lower Single & double room rates


1-800-228-9290 or 216-252-5333

Tournament Event Information 2019

     USBGF * PRIME     TOURNAMENT*.     

     There will be added prize money of $330.00  you must be a USBGF member before you pay your entry fee in full. In order to qualify for the added prize money that has been donated to our event by the USBGF   

 Ohio Masters : $300.00 Base Entry – 90% Return     Side Pool $100.00 – 95%

 * Clocks Required*

Amateur Jackpot : $100.00 Base Entry – 85%  

Return      Side Pool $50.00- 90% Return * *Clocks Required*

Open Division : $300.00 Base Entry – 85% Return     Side Pool $100.00 Side Pool – 95% Return *Clocks Required*

  Advanced  Division : $150.00 Base Entry – 80% Return         $50.00 Side Pool – 90% Return

* Clocks Required*

Novice Division : $50.00 Base Entry

 80% Return
          $20.00 Side Pool

 90% Return 

 Side Pool :  The Side Pool will pay no more than 2 places in either Division  

Doubles Events

Single Elimination—7 pt matches

 $160.00 Per team – 80% Return

 Side Pool $40.00 – 90% Return

* Clocks Required *


Calcutta Auction

Starts at 11:00AM Saturday March 23rd ,90% Return

**New Friday Events Added**

4 Player Knock Outs

Starts at Noon


90% return

Blitz Events

 $25 entry fee

With 80% return. Four-player knockouts

will be held from

 Friday, March  22nd thru Saturday, March 23rd

Winners of each round of four will qualify for

 winner-take all playoffs on Sunday.


After arriving at the position shown in Diagram 27, you double and proceed to roll a 3-2.

How is White to play ?

[Position 27, page 90 From The Backgammon Book, by Oswald Jacoby and John R. Crawford ]

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